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getting 14 year old girls hooked on crystal meth

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advice pleez.


  • xbcnfujvxbcnfujv Regular
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    lets make it 13, instead.


    advice pleez.
  • LouisCypherLouisCypher Regular
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    Just use charm, prey on the vulnerable, have a steady supply, be prepared to get hooked yourself.
  • buddhabuddha Regular
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    I'm assuming little brother or sister.

    You should be able to spike his food.

    Start with a very small amount, then slowly increase the dose over a few weeks.

    After a few months advise him he is hooked on meth.

    Start dealing to him


  • GoingNowhereGoingNowhere Global Moderator
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    You need to have a group of kids around that age that are already doing it. Hence they pretend to be cool, and she will feel left out. Peer pressure happens and she gives in eventually.
  • PacoPaco me administrator
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    For almost anyone under the age of 14, Peer Pressure is key. Inform the unsuspecting young child that smoking meth is indeed that the cool kids are doing. If the child is a male, educate him on the science behind the fact that smoking meth will make the hot girls want to suck his dick. If the child is a female, Encourage her to take up the nasty habit by doing a number of things. If she is ugly, tell her about how it makes her face look nicer, If she is unpopular, tell her that smoking meth will make her really good at cheer leading or some other girly shit. The possibilities with this one are endless, you just need to use your imagination.
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    It's really easy to get younger people to do things that are remotely "illegal" or are considered "cool" amongst their peers. You go and find someone who wants to impress his mates, and tell him that you can deal him some crystal meth for a lower than normal price. Obviously you can use a regular price as he won't know any different. Once he's had it one time, he'll want more. He'll want to give it to his friends, or his friends will want some. Someone's bound to get hooked!
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