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Do I spend too much time posting on Totse?

PacoPaco me administrator
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Do I?


All of those new posts are mine. :cool:


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    If anything, I don't think I see you around here enough to be honest. I'm always like, "where's Paco?". Get online more :(
  • GoingNowhereGoingNowhere Global Moderator
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    Never to much time on Totse!! lol I know what you mean though, I felt like that yesterday (because I spent so much time indoors).
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    I spend too much time indoors everyday :( For the past 3 weeks or so, I've literally been living in my bedroom just because I've had nothing else to do and no one is around. Today I think I might be seeing a friend but I dunno when they'll be home.
  • MayberryMayberry Regular
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    Yeh, everybody should stop posting. Oh wait, we already do :o
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