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Your ghostly experiences.

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Apologies if there is another thread. I searched but none appeared.

There are 4 experiences that stick out in my mind. The first being in Hampton Court Palace Chapel when I was about 9, the second after my Grandma's funeral and the latter two at Drury Lane Theatre a few years ago.

The first, I have been told by my Relatives and my feint memories, was in the Chapel at Hampton Court Palace, the home of Henry VIII. It's known for having weird stuff happen there, like this as well as the "Haunted Gallery" etc. However not a lot is known about the Chapel and ghosts. I just recall standing flat against a wall in the Chapel and looking at the people in the area below me, but seeing a face stare up at me. Still get goosebumps now, and told my Family there I wanted to leave. I just felt there was some fucked up stuff there and that it was manifesting in some form. No idea what or why, but having a ghostly lady looka t you is bad enough, and I just left.

The second experience was just after my Grandma's funeral. She was deaf and always in the Kitchen, making cakes and whatnot. Great Woman who I truly miss in my older years as she died a pretty horrible death. Anyway, my Mum and I were getting a drink in the Kitchen after as the rest of the Family were in the front room. We stood in the Kitchen and chatted about the days events etc when a huge gust of wind came through the kitchen, with no open windows or doors. No breezes are felt there usually, and to finish it off, a wide-based tumbler was knocked over on the other side of the Kitchen. Even get goosebumps thinking about it now.

The last two were at Drury Lane Theatre, near Covent Garden in London. I had organised to go on a "Fright Nights" experience as this one was featured in "Most Haunted" and I was quick to call bullshit and went as an outright skeptic.

Anyways, myself and this guy walked round. Never met him before and we were both skeptical of the whole thing. A few gusts of wind up my arm and whatnot, but other than that we were pretty unimpressed. We then sat in the upper circle, looking at the stage as I was eating some food and checking my camera. After talking we sit there in silence, in the famed seat which can be seen at the starf of the below video and at 57 seconds in. However since this was filmed, the numbers were changed and moved, but this was still the seat, as a member of Staff assured me, so I took his word for it. Nothing weird happened and we were told "it was probably the springs". Lawl.

We sat looking at the stage as we thought we saw a member of the other groups walking from the right side of the stage. Waving, we kept looking and saw the curtain behind them. This figure then walked out from the stage and "fell" into the Orchestra pit. No noise. No reports of anyone there at the time. We both saw it and looked at eachother in that way, as if to say "you saw it to?". We both did.

Next came the tunnels. Now these were a tad odd but I had my newfound, Northern friend. We walked through and clopped along the wooden floors. Noisy, but whatever. We then sat in the tunnel, which was pure stone (as can be seen here at 3:30, but I went further, through the room they are in)

We then sat, divided by a huge wooden door, and waited. My water bottle made a few noises, but I was seriously beginning to wonder what I had let myself in for. This was messed up, talking to thin air.
"Anyone there then?" I impatiently asked.
I waited. Looked at the tunnel. No pipes or places to hide here.
Then on my left shoulder, a noise getting louder and louder, much like someone sighing, and I grabbed my gear and ran out, over the wooden floor, and piss scared.

So yeah, any of your own stories?


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    My ex GFs father bought the old family homestead. Where her great grandfather and her grandfather were born. She use to talk to her dead grandfather when she was a kid. When she got older, this eventually stopped, but the strange shit never did.

    The grandfather had a wooden leg & many people including her & her friends would often hear the sound of something that resembled his artificial limb around the house.

    I was woken one night by something that resembled a girl with straight dark hair, roughly about 9 or 10yo staring @ me while I slept. I thought to myself. Aww that's cute, there's a kid in the house with us & she's smiling, until I noticed she was dressed in black victorian clothing. As soon as I noticed that a sense of unease settled over me. Her face literally changed to pure hatred, anger, well .... pretty much fucked up & distorted. I did what I would normally do to take control of the predicament I was in. I took a swing, in fact threw a few hay makers @ the little bitch then she disappeared. My ex woke up and asked me WTF was going on. I explained to her what happened, she said it was just a bad dream & I agreed with her until I saw one of her old family albums and the same girl with the same dress was in there.

    There was also the time I was there by myself one night, my ex had fucked off somewhere for a couple of hours. I sat in front of a computer browsing totse and shit. Suddenly I get that uneasy feeling that someone is standing behind me. I look around and no one is there so I try to ignore it, still feeling fucking uncomfortable. I continue browsing totse & I can feel my hair getting fucked with, like someone is touching it. I blame it on nerves but suddenly I can see the reflection in the monitor & notice some strands are standing straight up. I'm like fuck this, and fuck you, slide my chair out go outside to the car & fuckoff to get me something to eat from the takeaways.

    I return about half an hour later & decide to sit in the driveway & eat my dinner. (Seriously? ... fuck the house for now!) I'm eating away thinking, 'Let me see you fuck with me out here' as soon as I finished that sentence in my head, the electronic garage door goes up by itself. (there is no one home.) I'm sitting in my car thinking, that's pretty fucked up but still I'm in my car & it doesn't phase me (much). Suddenly the lights above the pool table in the garage start getting a good old swing happening. Then there are light's behind me and it's my ex. She gets out of her car and swing on the lights are starting to slow down. I wind my window down chewing on my burger & say to her.
    Fuck me! I don't think your fucking family like me very much.

    edit: INB4 Why didn't you rape the little dead girl? ....... Not my scene totse. :rolleyes:
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    Mate that is fucked! Gotta say with the punching, I'd have done the same after maybe pissing myself a bit. Something about ghostly faces get to me. Reminds me of the time I had sleep paralysis. As for the hair part, I have 3 monitors in front of me, 2 of which are in use, and the other, largest one, isn't and is like a mirror. Cheers for making me not want to look into it :p
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    My grandfather died when a ghost pushed him down a flight of stairs.
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    RemadE wrote: »
    Mate that is fucked! Gotta say with the punching, I'd have done the same after maybe pissing myself a bit. Something about ghostly faces get to me. Reminds me of the time I had sleep paralysis. As for the hair part, I have 3 monitors in front of me, 2 of which are in use, and the other, largest one, isn't and is like a mirror. Cheers for making me not want to look into it :p
    I've had that sleep paralysis thing happen to me once. Like someone was sitting on me & I couldn't move. As soon as I got my mojo back, I was taking swings @ what ever it was. I've had the figure of someone standing at my bedside staring down at me while I slept. Once again I start taking swings and they disappear. (or I really wake up..:rolleyes:) My GF is like, WTF? because I woke her up suddenly. Then she's waking me up about an hour later saying "Fuck you! Now it's on my side of the bed." FML! :(
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    I dont believe in ghosts, nor have I had any ghostly experiences myself, but some members of my family have.

    For a while me and some of my immediate and extended family were living in my Grandmother's house and fixing it up while she was in the hospital. Apparently before my Grandmother moved in there was a woman who lived there before who had died of a stroke or something. Anywho one night my mom woke up in the middle of the night and saw a figure wearing a robe walking across the foot of her bed and straight into a wall. She's convinced it's the ghost of the woman who died in that house; my sister apparently had a similair experience mutually exclusive to my mother's.
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    Fuck reading this as I am in my house alone for 3 days lol. The sleep paralysis thing scared me shitless when it happened. My Dad gets it too and as we live together my Mum tried linking it to Ghost stuff. I linked it to stress and an odd feeling in the House. I do feel like something's watching me when I'm here alone. I just woke up sleeping on my bottom bunk (when I had one) a night and my cat was on my lower legs as per usual, and the tick-tock of the clock was really loud, and as I turned to the left (lying on my back) I saw a white/grey figure come in, the cat jumped off me (making me think it was someone at the time) and then I was strangled to what I though was death. most freaky thing to ever happen to me, and I was speechless the whole time. Wish i could have punched whoever that mental image was.
    Another time was when I had Tramadol withdrawals in the bath and was convinced I saw goblin-like hands clamber onto the window, so I ran out of the bathroom naked, with a razor in hand, and attacked my Sister as I thought she was one of "them". Poor fuck. She was only 13 :cool:

    blamehoffman, that reminds me of a few things I've seen but apparently ghosts, if they exist, just go about their daily routines. One that makes me think this thing is real is a Hospital I visited (when not ill) and there are reports of a woman walking round from the knees up as the floor there is "fake" and higher than the original. A kid saw her, and had no prior knowledge, which makes the case that bit stronger in my mind.

    And mayberry. Wut?!
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