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How to make a "Shottie".
In England these are quite common and are like a 1-hit bong. It utilizes rolling tobacco to create a "plug" in the downpipe, and then you push the ground-up weed on top of it, effectively "loading" the downpipe. Just a warning - to newbies, these can be quite overpowering. My first one resulted in a huge panic public no less.

A definition of a "Shottie" from read but worth it :D
A localised method of smoking cannabis, generally favoured by the chav drop-outs of south Somerset, however it can be found in many stoner circles due to its cost-effectiveness.

The apparatus required for a shottie comprises a rudimentary tube (usually crafted from a sheet of beer-can metal and electrical tape) and a cheap pop bottle. a hole is burned into the lower part of the bottle and the tube inserted, the bottle is then filled up to the hole with water. the overall impression of a completed shottie configuration is very similar to that of a homemade crack-pipe.

The end of the tube is then packed first with a 'plug' of tobacco, then topped with either dirt bar or herb, depending on the class of toker. this configuration is then smoked much in the same way that a bong might be smoked; however the lack of a gauze means that once the plug of tobacco and herb has been sufficiently burned away, the tokee then efforts a final tug, pulling the plug down through the tube and into the water.

This final expenditure of lung capacity, coupled with the instant blast of smoke to the lungs, provides the true 'magic' of the shottie, leaving the tokee lost in an instant haze, unable to breathe or communicate for a short while.

Excessive abuse of the shottie can be dangerous, and the user can genuinely feel the smoke ripping into his/her lungs when it hits. the use of low quality construction materials and/or cheap dirt bar exacerbates this fact.
"its 4 a.m, i've ingested far too much amphetamine, there is only one thing which could deliver me to the land of drowsiness. time for a shottie"
...chugalugachugaluga FLOOOOOOOOFFFFF!...

You will need:
  • A plastic bottle.
  • A downpipe.
  • Rolling tobacco.
  • Weed.
  • Grinder
  • Source of water.
  • Lighter. Obviously.

Step 1)
Get your bottle and either burn or carefully cut out a hole for your downpipe to comfortably go into. Just like a bong. If the hole is too large, then put blu-tac round it to create a better seal. If you have a glue gun, then even better. My downpipe has a rubber seal on it, so it sits well.

Step 2)
Open your pouch of rolling tobacco, and take out a pinch. You want just enough to plug the end of the downpipe, effectively. Pack it in there quite tightly. Not too much.

Step 3)
Take your grinder and grind that weed like a motherfucker! Sweet, sweet armoas should be coming from your grinder now, so pour some weed out and pack it on top of the tobacco, to double load it. Just do the same principle as you did with the tobacco, with the weed. With experience, you'll learn a good ratio of weed:tobacco.

You should end up with something like this once you add the water.

Step 4)
Added the water? Good. Just enough to cover the bottom of the downpipe by about an inch. Now note there is no carb hole, rush hole or whatever. That's the point! Now exhale, place your mouth over the top of the bottle, apply the lighter continuously to the weed and inhale slowly. You don't want to suck it into the water until it is all burnt, or mostly all burnt.
Once you get to the end of your inhalation level, inhale sharply to pull the weed and tobacco ash into the water and get a rush of air.

Hold it.


Congrats, you should now be nicely fucked within a minute.


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