Diabolus in Musica (Music Forum posting guidelines[read this])

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All Ive seen in this forum so far is "check out this band" threads. Not saying those threads are bad, but for the most part, nobody gives a shit what type of music you listen too, and unless the band is extremely unique or popular, then it probably isnt worth a mention.

I would like to see more threads discussing the more technical side of music. So that means, no more:
1) Check out this band
2) Look at how many guitars I own but I cant play them
3) Lets post a lot of bands in a certain genre

I will not moderate this forum heavily, because you are free to post whatever you like, but just know that your thread wont get much appreciation unless its discussing something more intricate than a single band. I can not offer my professional advice on subjective taste and opinions on music. We each have our own preference, and no one is to say which music is good or bad. Hell, I love slipknot and metallica, but Ive been playing music for well over 14 years and can run circles around most on bass guitar or any classical instrument.

What I would like to see more of is question regarding music theory, how to perform a certain technique on any instrument (slapping on bass, pinch harmonics on guitar, double tonguing on wind instruments), threads discussing music creation programs (preferably how-tos), in depth discussions regarding the history of a certain genre, etc...

Anyways, since this is totse, and totse is the manifestation of all that is evil in this world, I would like to start us off with the discussion of my favorite musical interval. The tritone.


If youve ever heard it, you would know it is the most sinister sounding interval in music. It can be commonly heard in the diminished chord and the locrian mode of the major scale. Now discuss other common uses of the tritone. Help me learn something.


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