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Never played one, but since ive seen "I hit it with my Axe" on the escapist I want to try one as it looks like alot of fun one could have with their friends. Does anyone have any experience with Tabletop RPGs (not just D&D); did you have fun, was it expensive, difficult?, rewarding?, etc.

Specifically I'd like to try a round of the Call of Cthulu rpg, would this be a good game to start with?


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    you should definitely check out Arkham horror
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    Necrosis wrote: »
    you should definitely check out Arkham horror

    I fucking love this game, one of my friends has it. Always been a goal for me to get lucky and finish the game in....what is it again...2 moves? if you get extremely lucky. Pretty sure you have to play the scientist and it's only if the first gate opens where you happen to be standing.
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    Used to play Vampire: the Masquerade with some friends from time to time. It was far more role playing than game, but it made for a fun night from time to time. Many of them are actually pretty cheap to get into if you play older editions. You can find used books for dirt cheap. Think I might have spent $10 for 4 books.

    Same went for D&D. The 3.5 stuff is cheap as shit to pick up now, and it still functions well.

    I would recommend anything from the Old World of Darkness from White Wolf. Hunter, Mage, and Vampire were their best ones. Just glanced on ebay, and the core books are going for $5-10.

    Yes, everyone, I was a hardcore nerd once, too.
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    I ordered Arkham horror online, I'll see if i can find someone to play with once it gets here.
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    Hahaha NERDS!

    Ok erm where was I yeah I have heard bad, I mean interesting things about the CoCRPG mainly the game revolves around a "sanity roll". Basically roll "oh fuck I've gone batshit insane" rinse repeat then again if your lucky with your rolls you may end up flying a seaplane straight at Cthulu's head whilst remaining sane.
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    I played a lot as a teenager, and a little as an adult. I would have kept playing, but it seemed like as the crowd got older, the fun level dropped, and it became almost competitive in a way. Try it out, but be warned that the quality of the experience depends a lot on who is running the game. If the G.M. is a creative type who can improvise on the fly and bend the rules a little when it suits the flow of the game, it can be a lot of fun, but if the G.M. is too nasty, too loose, or too locked in to the set scenario, it can be dull and annoying.

    The Cthulu games, (I played Call of Cthulu) are really hard to G.M., they tend to have really linear story lines, and it's hard to resist the temptation to put in some obvious clues when your players are bumbling around uselessly, or do something nasty if they do too well.

    I really liked one from the 80's called Gamma World, an early post apocalyptic game from TSR, mutants, wastelands, good shit.

    "you did not just roll double zeros and send Orcus back to the pit using psionics, no, looks like you did, fuck, he was just doing a cameo appearance, you weren't supposed to ATTACK him, well, might as well just burn the rest of this module and call it a night, are you happy you lucky bastard?"
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    I played one called Hero Quest once, when I was younger. Interestingly, it was also the night on which I got drunk for the first time ever :thumbsup: Was a good game though, I found it to be very fun, interesting and a good time.
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    When I wa about 18 or so I went to NECON (an RPG convention). I signed up for a few tables and one of them was running a game called The Morrow Project. The setting was in a not to distant future where special teams of 5 to 10 people were placed into cryogenic chambers in strategic locations all over the world. In the event of a world wide cataclysmic event the central logic system was to wake all teams 10 years after the event for the purpose of restoring civilization.

    Well of course the system failed and teams were not thawed until 100 years later. By that time shit had gone to far south for the original plan to succeed so many teams (npc) went rogue. As a player your team had a choice to continue with the original plan and try to restore order or to use your technological advantage to carve out your own little kingdom or whatever.

    The game play for this session was unbelievable in that it flowed smooth as silk. When we were all finished the co-referee announced that he hoped we all enjoyed the game, it was for sale, and introduced us to the GM, Greg Morrow.

    That's right, we were playing in a game that was being GM'd by the creator of the game.

    So like CO says, the GM and the people you play with make all the difference in the world when it comes to any RPG.
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    Man, I miss the old tabletop RPGs. I played them some back in the day and I'd still play them now if I could find anybody else who was interested in them. The friends I have these days are too fucking lazy for something like that.
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    I play the New World of Darkness by White Wolf. I find it to be a great improvement over the Old World of Darkness and there are countless free demos. Just browse 4shared for the demos and if you want to play the actual game its not too hard to find the stuff for cheap or free.
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