Groom arrested outside own wedding as bride had restraining order against him

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An Illinois couple were stopped from getting married after the groom was arrested for having contact with his bride-to-be, who had a restraining order against him. As Billy Rutherford and his future wife waited outside the Decatur courthouse - her wearing a white dress and him in a red T-shirt and trousers - police arrested the 23-year-old groom for breaching his bail conditions. Rutherford had been forbidden from contacting his bride-to-be after he was charged with one count of aggravated domestic battery and three counts of domestic battery. article-2015533-0D0A8CC300000578-399_468x376.jpg His fiancée, who cannot be named, had claimed that Rutherford 'had been beating on her all day' at her home on March 5. She told police that the assault included striking her all over her face, head and body, shoving her head into a kitchen cabinet and throwing her through a coffee table. Rutherford was ordered to stay away from his girlfriend and was arrested again in March for allegedly breaking the order. The couple, who it seems had reconciled, were due to get married at Macon County courtroom on Wednesday. They had planned to be married by Circuit Judge Thomas Griffith, who had represented bother bride and groom in separate cases in the past when he was an attorney. As the pair and around 15 guests waited outside courtroom 3A - where the wedding was due to take place - authorities took the bride away. The groom was then arrested. Rutherford had been due to appear in court on Monday on the domestic battery charges and on Wednesday for the previous breach of his order. He had hoped to have been married by the time of the hearings. Rutherford was released on bail on Wednesday Prosecutors plan to charge him with violation of bail bond an could face up to 364 days in jail.


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