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Man builds stunning 9,000 Lego brick Batcave

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Holy Bat Shit Batman! Can you imagine having a paying job to play with Legos? But this is one of the most complex things I have ever seen done with Legos.

Does anyone recall having seen anything mad with Legos to rival this on the interwebz?

At Newslite we have a bit of a thing for Lego - whether it's being used to make massive towers, sculptures, recreate works of art, the Royal wedding or even to propose.

We also enjoy anything to do with superheroes. So when someone combines the two they've got our undivided attention. Step forward Alexander Schranz who recently produced a stunning Batcave with 9,000 Lego bricks

The 31-year-old Lego fan from Germany - who works as a Concept Designer for The LEGO Group - says he came up with the idea after playing Arkham Asylum and being inspired.

A life-long Batman fan, Schranz started off by making the Batmobile before spending a week planing the Batcave and then 70 hours building it… it would have been quicker but there was no Alfred to help him.


Speaking to Newslite, Schranz said: "I guess since I started working with light I thought about something with a very mystic cavelike atmosphere.

"The details are the highly structured cave design with all the slopes in all directions, on top the bats.

"I like the separation into the different levels and the main computer with the small lab next to it.

"This would be a cave that is focused on the main Batman atmosphere. Not to much high tech. More realistic and earthbound.



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