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How are your experiences with them? Is it worth the time/money?


  • MorningsideMorningside Regular
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    What substances are you referring to, specifically? I know stimulants (adderall, meth, caffeine to a lesser extent) have nootropic effects, but that's where my experience ends. They help my comprehension when reading something complicated, and helped me translate a book from Swedish in a relatively short amount of time. You just have to be careful with these and stay on task or else you run the risk of entering into a masturbation marathon or painting a wall for 8 hours...
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    They work, but the extent of the effects depends on the person. Placebo effect is also possible. Just taking them isn't enough. If your grades are regularly poor because you don't study properly, you'll have to fix your study habits before the drugs can properly help you.
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    I've tried and still use many except the cetams. ALC/NAC, Ergoloids, SAMe, Aminos, Galantamine, Nicotine, Ginkgo, DMAE, DHEA, B's, MAOI A&Bs, CYP manipulation, Gotu Kola

    Can't say my mentality has changed much.
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