question/thoughts on THC-alcohol solubility and drug tests.

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I recently smoked, and i am going to be drug tested in the next few days. I have heard so many folk remedies and bullshit cleanses and i don't think any of them really have any validity. i know dilution is always an option, but is pretty easy to spot.

If THC is soluble in alcohol (and, presumably, some of its alcohol-like metabolites), do you guys think that drinking a lot of alcohol could at least put a dent in the THC present in my blood? i don't mean drowning myself in liquor, but having a few drinks at night for a few days.

any input is appreciated.

to clarify: i'm not freaking out, or asking how to pass a drug test. just want to hear your thoughts about in vivo dissolution of THC into ethanol (and its metabolites), and subsequent secretion.


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    I honestly think that actually would help. Not just because the thc would bind to the alcohol but also because alcohol makes you piss a bunch. I would think vodka, gin or another clear hard alcohol would work the best. Everclear would be ideal i guess.

    But really I would just run around 5 miles a day and drink a gallon or 2 of water each day. Also take niacinamide (better than niacin) if you can get some. That shit has gotten me clean in 3 or 4 days before. Also it's important to not put the first part of your pee in the cup since it's from the bottom of your bladder where all the heavy stuff, like thc metabolites collect. Just a few suggestions.
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    I don't really know how alcohol is metabolized, but I know THC is stored in your fat cells, so unless alcohol causes you to burn fat faster, I don't think it would work that well. And since people say alcohol makes you fat rather than skinny, I don't think that's how it works.
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    It can probably help--a little--but your best bet is sweating as much as you can up until the day before the your test.

    That night eat a big fatty dinner. Steak is your best bet if you have to take an expensive test, because creatine levels are tested, and if you dilute, there'll be barely any of that...which is a big red-flag.

    The morning of the test, take a bunch of *b-12 supplements 3-4 hours before hand, and start drinking. You should be drinking all the way up until you go into the actual room to piss in the cup, and you want to have pissed 3 or 4 times already. As far as amounts, don't go overboard. A little more than a gallon is what you shoud shoot for

    Green tea is really good. Water will work though.

    *an overdose of b12 will give your piss color(which is necessary)

    Unless you take an expensive test--which is unlikely--dilution is the way to go.

    Hope that helped.

    P.S. When you're pissing in the cup, wait until you feel your stream is losing pressure.
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