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Exactly how charitable are nuns?

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Well, how charitable are they? How far will nuns go to ease pain and suffering? I am sure many a nun that has done nothing more in her life than read the bible, serve and tend to the sick has been murdered by natives, but what makes one like Therasa stand out? (apart from the accusation that she administred last rights to those that had specifically said did not want it and could not take it under the terms of their own beliefs?

Anyway, I digress, the question is, do you think a nun would let you film her if she was having some necessary medical procedure that involved an intmate examination for a donation of somewhere in the region of $500,000 to buy wells or goats that run over mine fields or bibles or what ever shit that nuns spend money on? Bicycle saddles, soap and candles?

How much of a donation do you think it should be to fuck a nun, should or should this not be allowed? Would you pay to fuck a nun? Have you payed to fuck a nun in the past? Did a nun say she would fuck you then no put out when you had already put up? Are you a nun that has a habbit of leading men on for cash? How much so you can have a pick of nuns, or make them have a competition for most fuckable nun.

I am sure a nun must exist somewhere who is actually hot as fuck. Would a catalouge be available?

People have given atonement to the vatican in the past for planned indescretions and the vatican has accepted them. Some guy was charged a small fortune by the roman church so he could fuck his own daughter.

If they can justify this, just how many favours would a nun give out?


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    I could ask. I have many close Catholic friends ranging from regular guys to Scholars and Nuns...not being one myself, thankfully.
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    On one hand, yeah, they're some charitable people.

    But they don't dress up like that and remain celibate for shits and giggles. They're in a relationship with Christ, and fucking you would mess that up in a big way. No Nun who really believed their shtick would do this.
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    If they were in it for the money, they wouldn't be a nun.
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    it depends if priests would explain to them that their pussy actually is charity...
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