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Amy Jade Winehouse OD'ed Herself Few Hours Ago!

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YouTube - Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good

Born in Southgate, London, UK in 1983, Winehouse was an inspiration to many crack whores she is also best known for her powerful contralto vocals. She is ALSO A FUCKING DIRTY JEW. She started early and got her first guitar at the tender age of 13. She was known to have flat chest and an okay, booty. Her next step neighbor described her as an okay whore. Even in her teens she was known to whore herself for drugs and nigger cocks.

Her success came in the name of Frank. Frank was his lover for a very long time. According to Amy sex tapes, frank should to slid his crocked dick her in ugly pussy and came like hell. Frank later died due to AIDS. Frank was buried with her other pets. According to her close friends, Frank was a horny dog. In member of her horny she released her famous album Frank in 20 October 2003. The Album was an instant success due to the nature of the lyrics and Amy crack whorish attitude.

In 2006 following the success of Frank, Whorehouse released Back to Black. The album was shitty as the previous one but got major support for hippies and Amy drug dealers which according to some source taped her having sex with dogs and little kids.

Amy has a history of doing coke and smoking like a cheap bitch. She has a record of farting carcinogens and shitting tar. Most of her fans have also picked up chain smoking. In 2006 at least 12 cats were found randomly near Amy residence. After careful inspection it was found that Amy used to cats to wipe her tar filled shit and stuff used buds in cats tiny assholes. The cats died from sniffing tar filled with Jenkem which Amy herself created by storing her shit and later extracting the gas and selling it as her own brand of perfume.

After this much fucked up history, it's no surprise she finally did this world a favor. Amy was found with a baseball bat up her arse and coke on her belly. After autopsy in which she was cut into tiny piece and jizzed over, it was found that her body was completely made of coke. The doctors then proceed to snort bits of Amy flesh and got high.

Due to this, there is a high demand for Amy coke filled flesh. The world will not miss this crack whore.


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