We need more entheogenic users here...

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Some of them could get pretty kooky and fanatic, but I find they are the one's willing to put their body's on the line for us other druggies.


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    Pretty much - we should get as much content out there as possible I guess, as it's a good way of attracting specific types of people.
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    I can agree with the kooky/fanatic part (met several of those people this past weekend), but sacrificing their body for other drug users is questionable. I've met a lot of scandalous people are who into entheogens and not opiates/stimulants. Drugs in general make most people scandalous, it just depends on what the person's personality is like before the drugs and their experiences with drugs.

    I mean, I was out a renegade this weekend and everyone, for the most part, was on Lucy. The vibe was amazing but around the end someone ended up getting stabbed. The person who stabbed the guy was earlier smoking DMT (the people throwing the party had a massive DMT session with everyone who wanted to blast off). It's rumored he was also really high on acid. So entheogenic users being all loving, peaceful people, is questionable. I can agree that they are chiller people than most junkies/coke heads/tweakers, but they still have a great potential of being scoundrels, under the disguise of peaceful hippies.
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    I'm an entheogenic user
  • PlebertPlebert Regular
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    Entheogens have used me.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    Entheogens used, have I.
  • PlebertPlebert Regular
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    Used have I, entheogens.
    Sentence structure, destroyed have they.
    Psychiatric assessment I need, they say.

    I really wanted to make that into a Haiku.
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