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So, I'm writing a book where the main character is in the real world and is in trouble with some bad, bad people and he wants to go to quite, cheap European nation and retire. Also say that it's become practically impossible to get to his money and he's prepared to leave it all behind and get there and survive on, say $2000. Just basic living, he's tired of all the shit going on. Maybe labour on a farm.

What country should he choose? Secondly, should he get a visit visa and just live illegally or should he get a legit visa? Will they accept him if he says he wants to work there and live there and pursue higher education there?

Help "him" out, please.


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    If hes moving from one EU nation to another EU nation he doesnt need visas or work permits, just an EU passport or ID card.
    I think in mainland Europe you can cross the borders with out stopping.
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    He's moving from Pakistan
  • DfgDfg Admin
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    He's moving from Pakistan

    You're fucked.

    Try this, cross border to Afghanistan or China. nah not really.

    I have been through the VISA and passport bullshit and it's not something that you should take lightly. You can get an education visa by working with local HR and get into Canada. That could be your best bet.
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    He's moving from Pakistan

    well hes left it too late, if he had moved over a year or so ago and come to the UK the looney labour govt would have welcomed him, given him cash, a nice new flat, free healthcare and all sorts of benefits for fuck all. thankfully the new govt are changing things now and making it harder for them to get in unless they can provide for themselves or have some kind of value to our society.
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    Well, and screwing people over but that's the dog and pony act we call British Politics. Also Dfg is a Paki and a welcome one here in the UK as far as I'm concerned.
    I'd say the tribal regions moving toward Siberia or Nepal. Nobody gives a fuck about those places.

    Do they? Just grow a beard and blend in. Might have to bribe a few people but greasy palms slip well.
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