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Solutions to the London Riots

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Here's a bit of fun for you guys - try and come up with a solution to the London riots. Let's pretend that you were in control of what happens next, and that it's your desicion to get everything back to normal. What would you do? Keep in mind that the whole thing started because the police supposedly shot and killed a guy who was supposedly carrying a weapon. Would you use weapons again to stop the rioting, and risk an even bigger backlash? Or would you take it slow and steady, waiting for it all to die down. Maybe you'd play mind games with the rioters.

Whatever your idea, post it here :D


  • kfc v lotkfc v lot Regular
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    Depends how silly I was.. on the extreme end of the scale I'd say the Neutron Bomb, it's nice and quick and clean and gets things done!
    Whilst we are being silly I say round up the lot of them and ship them one way to Mogadishu job done.
  • MayberryMayberry Regular
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    Give them all tickets to be in the Top Gear studio audience.
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  • dr rockerdr rocker Regular
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    The only tactic I saw was the police driving Jankel Guardian Guardian armoured pickups towards them.

    I would have though CS gas would have nipped shit in the bud someone somewhere decided not to use it. That and find a delivery method to spray them with starglow paints, so they and their clothes would glow in the dark for some time to come. That or some of that purple paint stuff you get in the anti-tamper on money carrying devices. Then people could be itentified very easily.
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