whats your favirote ceral and why

white88enochianwhite88enochian Regular
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cinnamon toast crunch and ressese puffs are the best

not sure why i like cinnamom toast crunch but i know i love any thing that has to do with peanut butter (not sharing with animals dogs ect)


  • MooseKnuckleMooseKnuckle Regular
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    fruity pebbles, makes the milk taste good nig.
    and lucky charms, cuz i got irish in me :o
  • Gary OakGary Oak Regular
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    Fucking asshole. Waffle Crisps
  • TheGreenDoctorTheGreenDoctor Regular
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    Rice Chex.
  • BigHarryDickBigHarryDick Cock Bite
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    fruity pebbles you stupid piece of shit.
  • EchidnaEchidna Regular
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    Cinnamon Life. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is pretty bangin but it gets soggy too quick. The old Oreo cereal was bomb.com as well.

    And fuck grapenuts that shit isn't even a cereal.
  • LouisCypherLouisCypher Regular
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    Multi grain cheerios
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    I don't eat cereal, but my most hated cereal would have to be Cookie Crisp because of the ad campaign they had when I was a kid. I held a strong hatred to the word cooky for reasons I can barely explain. Come to think of it now it might have been the cookoo for coaco puffs thing. Doesn't much matter anymore.
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    Golden Grahams. They're freakin' awesome. I have phases with my cereal though, sometimes I'll love one thing for ages and then suddenly I'll get bored of it. I'm yet to get bored of Golden Grahams though, but we'll see what happens.
  • (nameless one)(nameless one) Regular
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    Oatmeal Crisp is good. It's healthy and the almonds makes the mild taste better without making the milk taste like something else.

    For some reason, Cheetos came to my mind. I wonder how that taste like with milk.
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    ^ The thought of Cheetos and milk makes my stomach churn :( Probably not a good idea.
  • TheWitchDoctorTheWitchDoctor Regular
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    Fruity pebbles.

    In Germany they had this cereal that was like coco puffs but in bowl shapes and it was good as fuck. Ate them bitches everyday when I was over there.

    They also have a cereal called smacks and it makes your piss smell just like the cereal.
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