My father keeps eating our food.

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I am posting this thread in SG because I have no idea where else to post it, and &T is really the only forum I'm registered to.

My fiancée and I are expecting our first child in mid-September. I am 22 years old, and she is 20. We currently live with my father, who is 49 and makes approximately USD $90k a year. I am currently unemployed while she is on maternity leave, and her and I receive food stamps. It is more than enough to cover our needs, but we have a problem. My father, who travels, eats our food. It has gotten to where we have to hide some of our groceries, such as Cereal, in our closet to prevent him from eating multiple bowls of it at a time. We recently purchased a pack of lunch meats which cost about USD $3. My fiancée and I left for a weekend and when we got back more than half of it was gone. He drinks milk like there's no tomorrow and eats our eggs and bread almost before we get to use them. This is becoming increasingly frustrating. It seems to us like he relies on us for his food. The man makes a very large amount of money, yet does no grocery shopping of his own.

The thing is that I feel guilty about confronting him about it. He lets my fiancée and I stay in the house rent free, and he pays for my gas and pretty much everything else. At least once a week, he offers to take us out to dinner or lunch. It is extremely frustrating that we can not seem to even eat our own food, but I really don't know what to say about it to the man that provides a roof for us. It makes her extremely upset and in turn makes my life a living hell when she finds all of our lunch meat has been eaten in a matter of days.

I want to believe that I should let my father eat what he wants since he provides for us, but it is extremely frustrating. I could confront him, but I feel I would seem ungrateful for everything he has done for me and my future family. Or, I could just continue hiding my food and deal with what he does it until we are able to move out. I really don't know what to do.


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