Ordering online

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Never done before, how risky? Also I assume prescription drugs would have a chance of next to 0 of anything happening since they arent illegal, right? but what's the risk of stuff that's illegal outright?


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    Personally, I'd order it to a safe location which I know isn't linked to myself in any way. I've never done it before, but that seems to be the safest option IMO.
  • blink182blink182 Acolyte
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    International (I think) and USA.

    Sorry for the dumbass question but can't they just find you anyway based on credit card number/paypal info?
  • xbcnfujvxbcnfujv Regular
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    there's only one way to find out, G.
  • PsychotogenPsychotogen Regular
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    someone do this. I'm curious if you can really get hydrocodone for 6 bucks a pop for 10/325s. It almost makes sense since they are so expensive.
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