damndest thing happened to me today

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so out of nowhere due to boredom, i was on youtube searching for live sublime shows and i had no idea they were still doing live shows and/or were even back together.

that's when i saw videos of recent performances and had right then learned they're doing some shit called, "sublime with rome".

what happened next, i swear was out of pure coincidence.

i wish you could've seen my reaction, and i am not an exaggerating ass-sucker either.

i went to high school with roman and we actually hung out personally (after school, weekends -- getting drunk, shoplifting, talking shit, etc) during the time we were schooling it... after high school though, we eventually lost contact with each other because i lost my cell phone, so i lost his number/ he couldn't contact me and i was too lazy to drive all the way to his house... (i actually lived in a different city then where he lived, but i went to the same high school as him because i got kicked out of the one in my city) and the same year after high school i ultimately relocated to a new town without even telling him.

that was back in 2006, too.

the point of this thread is the reaction of me seeing roman, 6 and half years later, unexpectedly and coincidentally, someone i actually hung out with on a daily basis during high school, and then seeing him out of the blue on youtube on the jimmy kimmel show playing with sublime... not that i'm kissing sublime's dick, but they definitely are a well-known band, and all that had me like this: :eek:

i just couldn't fucking believe it... he's like, i guess he's like, so fucking cool now, because, sublime's so cool, especially with the youth, right?

i'm not hating at all, i'm f'n proud... more power to him... roman was always a sublime fan since i knew him, but actually seeing him playing with them is something i never, ever, thought would happen.

finding that out was the damnedest thing i tell ya.


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