fucking parakeets

BoxBox Regular
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I went to a friend's house today and he has this kickass green parakeet that can't fly. Its wing's feathers were shortened but the little fucker is cool as hell. He chills on shoulders.

fucking parakeets


  • LysdexicLysdexic Regular
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    With a title like that I was hoping for bird-porn.
  • TheWitchDoctorTheWitchDoctor Regular
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    Mother fucking dubstep parakeet.

  • xbcnfujvxbcnfujv Regular
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    when i was younger i owned 2 parakeets that i kept stuck in a cage.

    i ended up regretting it because mine were too fucking noisy with their chirping and never would shut the fuck up.

    i was so happy when my mom's cat finally swatted them to death.

    i think i might buy a parakeet at the local swap-meet so i can deep fry the fucker... alive.

    ...stay tuned.
  • BigHarryDickBigHarryDick Cock Bite
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    fuck all birds. they are no good.

    all they do is fly and shit.

    what good is that??
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