Me and trx just scored a free chinese!

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Me and Trx were walking back to my place a little earlier when he decided to stop in at the local chinese takeaway for a piss. We quickly went inside to he could shoot his load of piss into the toilet. I was sitting around for a few minutes in the overly packed waiting area, waiting for trx to finish up with his glory-hole or what ever the fuck he was doing in there. I watched the customers for a little while. A very stressed looking businessman answered his phone, hurrying out of the takeaway with a red face and a very sweaty brow, probably having an extremely bad day at work. His day was just about to get a whole lot worse though.

Just as he disappeared around the corner, the Chinese lady called out "Order 56!" and dropped a couple of bags onto the counter, rushing back into the kitchen area. I took a glance out of the window, and back to the food... The waiting room was overcrowded and no one really knew who the food belonged to, so I took my chance. I can't explain my motives but I just got out of my chair, walked over to the counter and picked up the bags. I walked outside, straight past the furious businessman and over to the park, where I sat down and called up Trx to tell him where I was. We then walked home and enjoyed ourselves a nice, free Chinese meal consisting of; Prawn Crackers, Chicken Chowmein and some chicken balls! :D



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