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As a child I was brought up on quite a varied, but still specific diet of music. The strange thing is, even before I was born my Mum would play music and I would take a liking to these tracks years later without any knowledge of my pre-birth state of being subjected to them.
Anyway, I was wondering what sort of music you were brought up on, and whether it has influenced you as a person and you still listen to it. Maybe you hate it now, or maybe you love it. Like I said many times, I was born into a melting pot of mostly Asian (Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi) and Jamaican and Italian (Family and neighbours as well as friends) people. As a result I feel it's had a huge effect on the sort of music I listen to now - even if it carries subliminal hints of either culture or genre.
As a result here are some tracks and why I chose them. Feel free to chip in with yours, as I love to see what sort of places people grew up in, and whether or not it still sticks with them today. I moved from London when I was at the age of developing an identity, so apart from the odd visit, these songs take me right back.

My mother was an MC at a West London club for a short while and my Aunty and Uncle are Jamaican, so this sort of music really influenced me from an early age. Shit, even my white Nan (Mum's Mum) would play me Bob Marley.

My dad was more into Ska and anything with a bit of a giggle in the lyrics. I remember my first week at High School (I was 13) the Music teacher asked us to play our favourite track, and at the time mine was "original Prankster". Felt like a right little rebel. As for Bad Manners, the lead singer owned a Hotel near us, and lived on a boat on the same river my Grandmother drowned in. Talk about a small world. Even now I love my Ska music and my Dad took me to my first Ska gig when I was 15. Was just awesome.

My Nan would listen to Italian tracks such as "Ave Maria" as well as 50s tracks like those found in Fallout 3 and the like. many a days were spent roaming London and getting lost with her to the memories of those songs. Neil Diamond, oh man.
And as for this track? Well it just remind me of getting lost in back alleys in West London, looking up at the buildings which had New York-style fire ladders and the homeless guys watching the day go by in Covent Garden. Even now it brings back vivid memories. Maybe it was the song that got me onto Opiates. Who knows.

So what sort of music were you brought up on? Has it influenced you?


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    I didn't really like the music my folks listened to, and I still don't really care for it now, (mom - soft rock; dad classical), although I occasionally put my dads old disco, and Beatles 8 tracks in for a listen. I went from alternative to country (for a short time), to (80s) hard rock, metal, to 70s, then 60s music. Now I listen to Disco, some metal, techno, 70s and 60s rock, and video game remixes (falls into all of the previously mentioned categories, and extends to (but not limited to) Mario Bros (all versions and spinoffs), Space Invaders, Moon Patrol, Sonic, Zelda, Perfect Dark, Pokemon, ((lol)) Castlevainia, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Tetris, Goldeneye, and Bomberman )
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    I was brought up on shit like this. Good thing I didn't catch on. The 90's had great video games, TV and shit like that, but a lot of the music was terrible.
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    It's pretty awesome how old games can stick with you, not least the music from them (no matter how cheesy or 8-bit). I still get times where the music from Goldeneye goes through my head, or the Sonic the Hedgehog menu. Interestign to see how different ages were subjected to different music. My parents were young-ish when they had me so I guess I was still being brought up to music I now listen to as I am the age my Mum had me cut out of her in a scene reminiscent to Alien.
    Also Auschwitz, I recall at my Aunty's wedding how they played "Brown girl in the ring" by Boney M as she is Jamaican and it was funny as fuck. She takes racism pretty well, but hates gays. Makes for some interesting conversation.
    The 90s wee awesome for me in terms of music but luckily I was never pummeled into hearing the mass-produced Pete Waterman crap. Sure a bit of Hanson or TLC every now and then was unavoidable (damn you Capital and Kiss FM) but I'm proud to say I developed my own taste thanks to responsible music-input from Parents who would frequently dance round the house in a scene like Grease ("You're the one that I want") style dancing. Funny as they hardly get on any more.


    Edit - OMC's "How Bizarre". Now there's a crappy lyric song, but makes me nostalgic. Long sunny days in suburban London went well with it.
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    Every time I hear a Greenday song it takes me back to being Summer when I was 10 years old, and nothing mattered:)

    Good times, back when I was young and stupid, and hadn't yet discovered :fap:
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    I was brought up on shit like this. Good thing I didn't catch on. The 90's had great video games, TV and shit like that, but a lot of the music was terrible.

    You unlucky fuck. The one decade you grew up in was one of the only times English music was terrible.

    I personally grew up with this kind of stuff..
    Motown and funk are still my favorite genres and primarily the reason I started to sing.
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    Weird crap like this.

    They also went to operas, Matinées and things like 'traditional Indian sitar' Music.
    Mainly because my dad worked in the hospitality industry and used to get free shit.
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