American Deemed 'Coolest' Country in the World

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"More than 30,000 people in 15 countries voted in survey by social networking site, declaring Americans the coolest people on earth, followed closely by Brazilians and the Spanish.

The US might be losing some clout as a global economic superpower, but it looks to be gaining speed in the cool department.

Britain, on the other hand, took sixth place, just behind the French. Oh the shame. We may not have world-famous wine, great cheese and a certain 'je ne sais quoi', but hasn't anyone heard of Cool Britannia? (Yes, that was back in the Nineties, but we're still proud)."


I'm glad they came up with a poll to confirm what we've known all along. :thumbsup:


  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    Gallows wrote: »
    "More than 30,000 people in 15 countries voted in survey by social networking site

    Lol that was enough for me to roll my eyes. Social Networking sites are full of half-bred chumps who's grip on life doesn't differ from that of an animal. However, lol at Belgium! Apart from cheap contraband, they are pretty shit.
  • RaggedOldManRaggedOldMan Regular
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    lolwat, the French came in at number 5?! That thing has GOT to be rigged, French people are a bunch of douchebags :facepalm:
  • BoxBox Regular
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    lol @ homo ass brits.

    USA all day bitches
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    Box wrote: »
    lol @ homo ass brits.

    USA all day bitches

    I can't hear you over the sound of free prescription drugs, pussy Police and links to the Aristocracy.

    Inb4USAvsEurope/UK thread.

    Yes, I just went there. And came back.
  • Gary OakGary Oak Regular
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    America FUCK YEAH! Guns and Freedom Fries and Dallas Cheerleaders!
  • GoingNowhereGoingNowhere Global Moderator
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    That's got to be rigged surely.....

    At least we've (Britain) got a history :cool:
  • dr rockerdr rocker Regular
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    OK, so:

    1. Did the survey define cool? Was it actually objective, or subjective to the individuals taking part?
    2. It was the opinions of people from a social networking type site. Say no more.
    3. Most of its active users are from Latin america and European latin countries. Hardly a balanced study.
    4. The site itself has created false profiles to artificially boost the size of its user base. Its pretty much the same as a known liar bullshitting to you. Nothing that they say can be trusted.
    5. 20% of the sites members pay a monthly fee so their profile is more priminant. So it is full of vain, self serving idiots.

    And to all of the americans - I really hope the results of this pole make you feel better about living in such a culturally and historically dead nation. The only fact of history is your ancestors were losers and quitters who ran away from where they were from as they were not strong enough to make it.

    Enjoy your fries.
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