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I've only recently found X-art. What's the appeal? I enjoy it. It's great porn, but why?

After close examination I've decided that the key element is lighting. It adds an intimate appeal to the performance. The white "fluffy" decor also helps. The women are average in other scenes produced by rival producers.

If you take a closer look at the shots, the emphasis is on the women and not the sex. If you've ever tried to write erotic fiction, you'll know the advice they give is "don't describe the sex, describe the anticipation". X-art has extended this advice visually.

The sex acts themselves are on the vanilla side. The men are muscular; this is in contrast to the average Joe physique we (as male viewers) are supposed to identify with.

I still have a preference for pornpros.com



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    Looks like they just make sure the girls are relaxed and well made up. Nothing is lame like some bitch you can tell is just putting in the time and doesn't really even want to be there.
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    I think you just don't feel as ashamed watching those girls. The look more like they want to be there.
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