I love walking around like a hobo

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I just walked to the corner shop, looking like the following;

I only got out of bed about two hours ago, and haven't really done anything with anything. My hair is all frizzy and sticking up. It really needs a cut, but I can't be assed to get one. I have some hobo-stubble. I should really shave, but this brings me back to the laziness. I've just got an unattended-to face in general. I was wearing a stripey chav-shirt. I think the back of the collar was popped up, but again, I left it, as I didn't really care.

To go along with this, there are some black sweatpants with a massive rip in the pocket, so you can see straight through to my boxershorts, not to mention the sweats are covered with stains from food, and other shit. And to finish it off, my shoes with weird moss crud on them, from when I slipped over yesterday when having a walk with trx.

I always look like a hobo when I go out just to the shops or something. I don't really care how people look at me, as long as you give them a smile and a wave, they usually don't really seem to react much to the fact you're dressed like a hobo. So, is there anyone here you hates to be seen looking like a wreck, or people who just don't give a shit?


  • JackJack Regular
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    I don't like being stared at or given nasty looks and who knows when I might get laid,* so I try to look half-decent and be not too smelly when I go out.

    *I mean, it's been ages
  • GoingNowhereGoingNowhere Global Moderator
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    I forget to shave alot of the time, and the only time I can be bothered to is if I look in the mirror (which is hardly at all). Only reason why I cut my hair was because it was easier to manage in the mornings, so that I can get out of bed and spike it with minimal fuss and bother :) Other than that I rock the smart/casual look of combining a shirt and jeans.
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    Most of the time, I'll make an effort to look clean and non-tramp, but there are those times where you just don't give a shit because you can't be bothered. Right now, is one of those times. I should really take a shower, but I figured that as I'm going out on my bike in a minute to the dirt-track, I might as well not bother washing until I get home again. I don't really care, I'll just shove a load of body spray on and hope for the best :D
  • ShadyTrollShadyTroll Regular
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    I always make an effort to look nice when I go out in public. :cool: Well, actually & at home. You never know who will be ringing the door bell.
  • bornkillerbornkiller Administrator In your girlfriends snatch
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    I use to shave until I discovered totse.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    University is where I tend to look like a hobo - however 8 days out of 10 I will make an effort, because if I look better, I feel better in myself. It's only the late night runs to shops or mates houses that see me wearing trackie bottoms and a hoodie.
    As for the other times, give me some comfy jeans, a tight top and a murderous grin.
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    I'm actually sitting here at home wearing some trackies with a massive hole in the side (after getting them churned up in the crank on my bike) and a Bananaman t-shirt which my girlfriend's Mum bought for me last year :D I feel so fucking clean right now, apart from the trackies.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    trx100 wrote: »
    I'm actually sitting here at home wearing some trackies with a massive hole in the side (after getting them churned up in the crank on my bike)

    The amount of jeans and other trousers I have fucked up thanks to bike cranks are too many to keep count of.
  • LysdexicLysdexic Regular
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    I normally look like a hobo, even more so when I'm at work since we get supplied uniform. Normally it's my jeans that are faded to grey ,and going white in places, an old shirt and a hoody, plus my shoes had a big hole in the side (it's fucking hard to find size 13 shoes in this motherfucken country). Since I only have these on for about two or three hours a day I normally wear them for three or so days before I change them.

    We had some training day at a fancy hotel the other week, so I actualy combed my hair and put on a pair of dress pants and a shirt with a collar. One of the managers mistook me for a waiter at first and asked for a water:sad:.
  • BurnBurn Regular
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    Being Australian, I generally don't give a fuck how I look.

    Pretty much all of my clothes are dirty, and at least 90% of them permanently smell like bushfire (due to countless nights sitting around fires.) Most of my white shirts and singlets have wine stains, and I don't own a pair of socks that match. Oh, and I normally rock 80s style sideburns (but I just shaved them off, hoping to get a new piece of of ass soon.)
  • 4206942069 Regular
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    I don't give a fuck how any of you shit dicks looks
  • NecrosisNecrosis New Arrival
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    me and my friend had a competition to see who could wear leather pants and bathrobes the longest shit was insance think it nearly lasted a month
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