so who the fuck can explain deja-vu's?

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no, seriously -- what the fuck?

i swear, it's like i'm psychic, d4wg.

that tingling deja-vu feeling always happens during scenarios i've had in my dreams prior.


it actually kind of scares me.


  • Gary OakGary Oak Regular
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    Parallel universes. /thread.
  • blamehoffmanblamehoffman Regular
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    De ja Vu is a feeling of uncanny familiarity; I'd say its just part of your mind realizing its predictions of trends in events were correct, like a part of you goes "shit, I knew that would happen". I dont really know though, just an educated guess on my part.
  • juggjugg Regular
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    Reincarnation. We all were here before, and you DNA remembers.
  • Darth BeaverDarth Beaver Meine Ehre heißt Treue
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    ^This and one more piece, all points in time exist at once but we experience them one at a time.
  • dr rockerdr rocker Regular
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    You have multiple neural pathways in your brain. 90-95% of the time, de ja vu is down to the fact information has travelled down one pathway and has gone to a part of your brain that processes new information. When the same information arrives at this bundle of neurons, but down a different pathway, you experience de ja vu. In the 5-10% of times this is not the case, you are experiencing the brains physic powers. Most people dismiss this as impossible, but if you accept this and think deeply about it, you can begin to develop the pathways that predict.

    Once you know you can do this, it becomes easier to do, but forcing yourself to do this normally produces a negative effect.
  • bornkillerbornkiller Administrator In your girlfriends snatch
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    It's a glitch in the matrix. Everyone knows that! :confused:
  • abrnabrn Abrn
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    If you literally remember the dream, like you woke up a week ago and was like yo i just had this weird dream and think or talk about it, then the dream fuckin comes true - thats some psychic shit.

    If you have some crazy feeling that this shit has happened before, maybe you dreamed it- either your a dumbfuck and forgot you dreamed it or what rocker said, that shit gets accidently stored in long term memory before it reaches the short term memory part of your brain.

    I find it easy to tell the difference, but I am wary when I have deja vu just incase i did forsee it for a reason or im getting this strange feeling from god or mother earth or some bullshit
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    It's cancer.

    See a doctor.
  • Pile of JewsPile of Jews Regular
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    Deja vu has happened to me my whole life, a couple years ago I started getting it all every day all day, I am getting more in touch with my brain now and I can predict a lot of things, its weird and may be unbelievable but its true.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    I'm getting it a lot nowadays, probably as I've had this "end of Summer and return to Uni" happen twice at this time of year. However the stranger times are when you are doing something in your day and get it from nowhere. I even had one where I thought to myself about the colour of a car to come along next, and I was right. Now it could have just been pure coincidence, but it made me wonder about Deja Vu. Maybe it's just a glitch in the Matrix.
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    based on through the wormhole's sixth sense episode I've created an uneducated hypothesis
    the human super conscious can see the future,
    Deja Vus fuck with your cannabinoid sensors,
    we just tap into the super conscious to foresee an event, then when we see the event, we remember the initial subconscious vision we had from the super conscious.
    So I'd say its random tapping into what you know you saw, but can only be done when you see the event, because we can always see the future, just can't tap into or recognize it anyway other than subconsciously
  • RunScreamingRunScreaming Acolyte
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    Time goes in both directions, we just can't see it going backwards because it confuses most people.
    Read Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five.
    You are "unstuck in time".
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