What do you remember about &T?



  • white88enochianwhite88enochian Regular
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    i randomly found totse a long time ago i dont remember how must have been something i searched

    i remember the bill keller thing the free post office boxes beening sent by the hundreds to random people/schools people sending to them selfs making forts with pics i remeber i unblocked and set totse as the home paige on almost all of the school computers so much from so long ago its hard to remember

    oh and some troll named trip or something
  • ThatfriedKidThatfriedKid Acolyte
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    SCREEEAAAAWWWW (that whole pterodactyl thing, I can't find the picture).
    Learning about drugs from countless drug users on BLTC.
    The whole calling and trolling the pastor guy.
    The 13 page zombie thread I started about taking over a costco and whatnot.
    The forum being 100 times more active.
    And a bunch of other shit already posted here.

    I used to post as trippydeath back in the day.

    Found Totse by searching about drugs (I think dxm or something). Read the text-files and started posting soon after.

    EDIT: Oh and the whole Bel air thing, I still scroll to the bottom of long stories/posts to see if I'm about to get Bel-aired.
  • white88enochianwhite88enochian Regular
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    i remember you
  • LysdexicLysdexic Regular
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    The dinosaw porn was a fad at my school, but nobody knew what it was really about. That vid was allways good for a laugh.

    And the joys of fresh princeing.

    Welcome back.
  • white88enochianwhite88enochian Regular
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    i forgot about registration being locked all the time
  • (nameless one)(nameless one) Regular
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    i forgot about registration being locked all the time

    This. Back when I found &T, for some reason, I never got that confirmation to use the forums.

    But yes, the Jenkem thing was fascinating. So are the textfiles, especially the 'How to Build a Thermonuclear Device' one.
  • J15J15 Semo-Regulars
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    How about people selling their accounts on ebay. I'll never forget Night Ops threads when it first started. Those threads caused me to register. The of course the pr0n thread. Anyone still got those naked pictures of Wintermute. Go huff raid. I also remember starting a thread about a random topic then saying nothing else but discuss or please discuss. Lets not forget people start wars with other forums like /b/, 4chan, and rotteneggs.
  • abrnabrn Abrn
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    totse was a place where for some reason everyone was on such a strange as wavelength b
    ut the same one
    I've never found a place on the internet where I actually wanted to talk about what other people thought and people could get down with I wanted to say
    or you could say some crazy shit to make yourself laugh and someone would say something that actually somehow made you laugh
    Jojoman seriously the most totsiest totsean, great guy, allegdly livong legend
    How awesome ubb made the feel of the site and all the hilariius shit ppl did with ubb
    The way I saw totse is what I really remember:
    Totse was the one place on the internet that you could find the most obsure info or get an answer. That's where the totse community got its good genes. I don't think that crowd could ever be recreated. It was pure fate and magic that created the temple and brought all those people gether. They were real and totse was such a real thing in peoples hearts and the real world. What I tryi to say totse had that magic that would bring people that wouldn't normally join a forum or post online to meet with us and make geat things happen.
    Anther way I kind of see it is like how awesome tv used to be now look at it, totse was like how the internet used to be before it got big-but big. In fact that's wa better that w I just wrote man will ifuck off with this long ass post I just don't want to leave this pge bc I have a ahiity tablet
  • Panic!Panic! Regular
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    been a while since I've been on, joined back in 07 on a different account, and i still have this shit saved

  • stefanstefan Semo-Regulars
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    I remember I joined in '03 spent alot of time in BB then BLTC. metaphysicist was the biggest douchebag ever, I loved that guy. I remember the whole warweed trial thing too.

    there was some chick who would write peoples names on her tits, then I showed my friends the pics and convinced them I'd got laid hahaha, I was probably 14 at the time. and I would e-hit on ginandtonicgirl, she was hot from what I remember.
    That text file about sex with a dolphin has always stuck with me, also this,

    and the whole bel-air thing that got beaten to death, like every joke on totse.

    good times, I probably wouldn't be a functioning member of society right now if totse had never shut down
  • 4206942069 Regular
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    more activity
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    FON wrote: »
    Spectral ordering a demon to kill one of snoopy's (i think) relatives unborn children

    In the fullness of time there will come a point when ex-Totse members reminisce about Totse, but their recollections will be so confused by the passage of time that their fond regurgitations of peoples' actions and legacies will resemble the multicoloured slurry of a well digested chicken korma; all individual elements blended together in one homogenous puddle.

    Clearly I've already merged with Snoopy; eventually even our combined greasy stain will be forgotten.
  • jehsiboijehsiboi Kanga Rump Ranga
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    Meloncholy wrote:
    Also - shut up, Steve.

    I'd completely forgotten about that ...

    Bel air

    The guy who fucked a buritto and posted pics lol

    My friend introduced me to &T
  • MadHatterMadHatter Semo-Regulars
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    Heywood Jablowme and his incessant trolling

    The " Where is Gustave? " song

    The Tsun00bie ( Sp? )
  • NegrophobeNegrophobe Regular
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    1baddude in bad ideas
    MisterSawedOff's broom stick, coke bottle and duct tape "gun"
    Wintermute nudes
    Post your vagina threads
    Dad Kisser
    Pedo baiting threads
    "I raped Meta's daughter with ..."

    The personalities made totse.
  • bornkillerbornkiller Administrator In your girlfriends snatch
    bump for the memories
  • Oh hell. I don't know how I found that site. It must have been around 97-98 when I found it. Back then I think if you searched the Internet for certain things kids are into you were bound to find it. I just remember how it was all so strange. It kind of shaped me into who I am today at least a little. It was like, "wow there's a lot of shit going on I had no idea about." To this day I love shrooms and can read about them endlessly. Such amazing things. I think I even printed out instructions for how to grow them on the school computer from that site. I'm really sad it's not still around. I forgot about it for years until recently. That's how I wound up here. Trying to get a taste of what that feeling was like again when I found totse.
  • bornkillerbornkiller Administrator In your girlfriends snatch
    I think I discovered totse around about late 90's or 2K and registered a few of years after that. I probably would've registered earlier but I was having way to much fun trolling chat rooms. Like going into christian chats and sparking up good clean christian conversations under the username lucifer or natas. Or the masturbation forums asking for detailed descriptions while she's trying to go at it on the mic. Stopping in @ the hip-hop chats and locking up conversation by activating my mic stuck on classical music.....you know, that sorta shit.

    Totse Calander
  • I'm reading some of this shot lol. I really missed out. I don't think I ever realized it was a forum or I wasn't familiar with them.
  • bornkillerbornkiller Administrator In your girlfriends snatch
    Same hur, I didn't realise a forum existed because I spent most my time in the text files
  • bornkillerbornkiller Administrator In your girlfriends snatch
    Until later on.... :-(
  • The rap battles sure were fun and so was shitting on morons. Too bad the forum went to shit, Zoklet was filled with abusive moderators, and spam became the preferred behavior.
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