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Is it Tim Tebow Time in Denver?

juggjugg Regular
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Ok lets get some things straight first. I'm not a Huge Tebow homer. I watched him play at U.F. Hes not that good of a quarterback. Honestly he is average at best. With all that said I don't know if he sold his sole to the devil, or in some way he shares D.N.A with Jesus himself. The guy wins plain and simple. I don't know how in the hell he does it but he wins.

He won a state title in High school. National Championships in college. One can say that sure football its a team sport, but the quarterback is the most integral part of a football team. For what ever reason the guy can get it done. It may look like shit at times, but he has always won. Its a hard thing for me to say but I think he will win. It goes against every fiber of my being but I think he will be good.


  • Darth BeaverDarth Beaver Meine Ehre heißt Treue
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    This is his first start in the NFL if I am not mistaken. There have been an untold number of college "Jesus" types fall in their face in the big show so I am not going to get excited about this kid until he shows something in the big time.
  • MooseKnuckleMooseKnuckle Regular
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    ^ wrong, he started a few games last year. only good thing about him is he is an actual threat out of the pocket, and throws better out of the pocket.
  • Darth BeaverDarth Beaver Meine Ehre heißt Treue
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    Well let's hope fro the Broncos sake he learns to play in the pocket if their front line can learn to create one that is.
  • PsychotogenPsychotogen Regular
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    I'm really tired of hearing about this guy. I live in Florida and everyone around here rides this guys dick ALL THE TIME. He isn't that great, and he cries too much. That's all I want to say.
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