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A serious conspiracy that was directed at me by unknown forces

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I'm dead serious guys, I just found this weird ass word document on my computer that I NEVER downloaded, I know this for a FACT. This is by far, the realist personal conspiracy against a totse member.

I suspected that they were watching me, Maybe the powers that be know that I know too much, so they infiltrated my computer and sent me a message.

I would specifically remember downloading this document if I did, I mean I wouldn't even bother downloading what seems to be the odd and short ranting of some conspiracy theorist.

Maybe some hackers are just fucking with me, I don't know. I'd like to think my anti-virus/trojen software prevents this shit.

The other weird thing that indicated that this was a conspiracy was the supposed date that I received this file - 01/11/11. This is exactly how these secret societies communicate with society - sending you subtle indications that it was them , like 9/11.

Not that it was a threatening message, just a really weird one. Here is the message exactly how it looks like in the word document.

What began with a conspiracy to take my mind, body and soul, and resulted in me knowing all “GOD’s” secrets, then a plan to blame me for the invasion of fake aliens to commit mass genocide or more, promisingly, a way to sustain and grow the world's population by introducing the religion of the future based on the peaceful worshipping of technology.

It only makes sense that "they" are watching me. That was exactly how I felt about my life, being bestowed with the secrets of God due to the massive elaborate conspiracy against humanity and ultimately me.

The mention of aliens however, while I've always kept as a vague possibility, I never had never really taken that possibility seriously in my life.

Take it or leave it, either way this shit is just too pointless and weird to make up.

If anyones interested to verify this, perhaps someone who specializes in computer forensics can look into this.



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