Under 18 clubbing!

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This isn't a Jailbait thread.
This isn't a flesh art thread.

This is a thread dedicated to something i found out through my (non-existent to &T) Sister. Apparently there are "under 18" club nights. My Army mates were chatting about them too, as they dropped their Daughters off at one that was "schoolgirl" theme.
Sorry, but schoolgirl? They are schoolgirls!

Anyway, here are some links for your entertainment. Anyone ever head of these events? I'm tempted to stand by the back door and become a millionaire selling alcopops :cool:


PS. Dfg, come to the UK ;)


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    They have one every Thursday evening here in Knaresborough. My daughter went to it a couple of weeks ago. Her favourite local band was playing.


    There were about 16 kids there from her class. Hardly seems worth opening the doors for £2 a head.
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    Actually, I heard about an under 18's night going on through a friend of a friend who mentioned it in passing. I didn't make a comment as the conversation had already moved on, but it made me chuckle. The thought of a night for under-18's only seems a bit strange to me. The bar won't be open, surely the entry prices would be through the roof?

    But yeah, you should set up outside the venue and start selling ;) Be careful though, you might get some parent catch their daughter all fucked up and she'll tell them someone was selling booze/drugs. I'm sure you're far smarter than to allow something like that to happen though.
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    lol they are boring.
    i remember going to these when i was still in high school, they close around 10pm i believe, and it's only on a friday night i believe.
    atleast that's what it was around my area.
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    I guess they'd have a similar vibe as christian rock concerts.

    They're usually setup in bad neighbourhoods as a reaction to unruly "juvenile delinquents" by people who think 'rainbow parties' are an epidemic.
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    The one near us is open till 2am
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    Growing up they had them for bands to play for an under18 crowd first, then would clear the club and have it for over 18 people.
    The bands get the younger fanbase early, the bars get a good reputation and once people are 18 they go back more.
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