Thank LORD, This was Close

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Just read from the top.. oh wait let me paste it for you.

[h=1]Yomi Kim Hunter[/h] Claim: Photographs show Yomi Kim Hunter, a Korean-American voted the "prettiest man in Asia."

Check out these pics of Yomi Kim Hunter
Isn't she pretty???
She is half Korean half white American.
Then scroll down below the pics for an interesting bit of information about Yomi that you probably didn't know.






She was voted to be the prettiest man in Asia.
Yes... She is a MAN!

Must be careful when you visit these countries. Be sure to bring with you a saliva test, hehehe!

Origins: The person pictured above isn't named Yomi Kim Hunter, isn't Korean-American, isn't a man, and wasn't voted "prettiest man in Asia." These are photographs of Chinese actress Fan BingBing (also variously rendered as Fan Bing Bing or Fan Bing-Bing), who was born — and remains — a woman. As described by Wikipedia:
Fan was born in Qingdao, Shandong, and raised in Yantai, Shandong. She graduated from Shanghai Xie Jin's Star School and Shanghai Theatre Academy.

In 1997, Fan rose to stardom for her supporting role as Jin Suo in the Taiwanese television drama Princess Pearl and its sequel in 1998, which starred Zhao Wei and Ruby Lin in the leading roles. Over the next few years, through appearances in many films and television dramas, she became one of the more well-known actresses in mainland China. After achieving success in her acting career, Fan also released albums, posed for magazine covers and became a spokesperson for several commercial brands.
These same pictures can be found, correctly identified as photographs of Fan BingBing, on a variety of web sites, such as this one and this one.

Yeah, had me there for a second.


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