About to eat my first bowl of Froot Loops

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I've just found out that the US decided to bring Froot Loops to the UK. I just bought myself my first box, and poured my first bowl.


They look good. Dunno how they taste though. So, hold on while I eat them!

Well, that was quite nice! I mean, it's not the best cereal I've ever had, but it was a good experience. I wouldn't mind having more, but they're like £2.69 in my local super market, and I'm not spending that for a medium sized box of cereal. Maybe on special occasions. I'm fairly sure that it's filled with sugar, which I'm not totally keen on. To quote Alan from Two and a Half Men;
"Might as well feed him a bowl of Milky Ways.."

But all in all, it was an enjoyable cereal, and I think people in the UK who haven't tried it, definitely should.


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