What If woman shit out babies and gave birth to feces...

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After checking out this comic I was like .... "WTF?" & then I thought about it carefully & came to the conclusion it could possibly work. Some insults would then be perfectly acceptable. 'You worthless piece of shit', 'You fucking shit head', 'I shit on you and your children, infidel'. 'Fuck you poo pusher' would be considered a normal task for the homophobic male.
How one could possibly reproduce is a bit of a mystery though. :confused:


Pros and cons. I'd like to hear yours.


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    First, this is weird as fuck and exciting. It opens up a world of possibilities. Everything we have been taught would be revised, the toilets would have to be changed but there is a problem here. It's the interval or incubation period of the shit vs the baby. Think, we shit 2-4 times a day depending on what we eat, a baby takes 9 months to full form. Now, how can a person shit a fully formed baby and do that 3-4 times a day.

    I guess the human waste management system would be changed or there could be a genetic fuck up that reversed the tubes or a mad doctor might force an anal birth and a vagina poop hole. Actually thinking about it, It can be done. I don't know if the baby would survive or if the mum would make it but dear lord this can work!
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    Some men just want to watch the world burn.
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    Of course it's Japanese. What the fuck man.
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