Guns Don't Kill People, Bullets Do. Ban Them!

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Yes, my friends I finally cracked the code. After spending a night with my beloved camel wife, I decided to come up with a solution that will end world hungry short from killing everyone in the world I couldn't think of anything, I mean it seemed the logical solution that would require the least amount of F's from my side but then I turned my attention to something more pressing. It seems on my Facebook timeline everyone is either bitching about Obama or guns and I usually ignore them but yesterday I thought fuck it.

So, I turned to my awesome self and asked or posed this question: Dfg, If Guns kill people and the Government wants them banned yet the people want them for self defense, what's the obvious middle ground?

And it was bullets, you need bullets in order to kill someone, you don't kill people with the gun unless you use it as a blunt object and bash someone's head with it. They could die but that's different. So, the obvious choice is to either restrict the numbers of bullets or cut down bullets, in this way your control the flow of bullets and since you do require bullets for your guns it will fix other problems as well.

I mean think about it, you might be able to make your own bullets if you want but it's something both sides can be happy with. I know it seems like a half cooked idea that I just came up while watching some weird porn but I did my research and it's the only solution to tackling the gun issue, plus considering how retarded I mean, how intelligent your policy makers are, I am sure this bill would get passed in now time.

I think we should file a petition and get more support from people. Washington might be a good place to setup the camp. I just need to refine this idea and spread the word.


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    I agree with this. You get to keep your gun collection and no one is getting shot.
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    Criminals don't go to target practice, they don't train or compete in shooting sports. They don't hunt and they don't follow the law. Any law like you outlined in the OP would be 98% ineffective against criminals. Guess who that law would restrict? Thats right, the good law abiding citizens who aren't the ones killing random people. Not to mention the jobs lost in the ammunition industry and the shooting sports industry.

    Are you aware that the existing firearm laws in this nation aren't even being properly enforced? The AG of the USA has even said it would cost too much to start enforcing 100% of the laws on the books.

    So please explain to me, why do you think criminals (who by definition, don't follow the law) will start following this law?
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    Sadly someone in Washington would jump all over this. I figure if they can't pass the gun legislation they want they will eventually resort to taxing the fuck out of, to the point that it will limit the poor from owning them, and when they do it they will say it is all for the sake of reducing national debt.
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