Warm Bodies 2013, A Zombie Flick that's PURE Awesome [NSFW]

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This one goes to my friend RemadE. I have always been a fan of Zombie flicks, seen almost all of them but there comes a time when you see something so amazing you just can't believe it exist. Warm bodies IMO a amazing love story that touches deep, it's a story that takes you in and forces you to accept the beauty of love and humanity. It's flick mixed with raw emotion, rotten teeth and old flesh, it's a flick that makes you jump and cheer from time to time. Most of all, it's a flick worth watching with someone you love or care about.

Before I jump in, Terra Palmer looked fucking hawt in this movie. The whole time I was thinking, oh fuck I want her so bad. She is a perfect cast and she was a model so that explain my unwanted attractions towards here. I was so into her that I googled her pictures. Below are some of her ahem previews.



The camera loves her.

The ending is the best part of the flick, you're left with a warm feeling and yes, you do get to see a cure for the infection. It's plausible in some cases but even if it seems impossible, it just made me smile. This could be the best Zombie Romance flick ever (IMO).

Loved it, HIGHLY recommended.



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