Angeles City; Get Laid or Die Trying

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It's funny how things change when you move out of your isolated world and take the first step in reclaiming your life and being who you really are. I have been living in a closed off system for 27 years, no drugs, no sex and honestly no real connection with anyone. It seems I was damaged, corrupted and honestly I felt like a zombie. Take that guy who survived by being on the Internet and place it into an environment different than his own and you will see surprising results.

When I came to Angeles City in Clark, I was tired from jumping planes, emotionally exhausted and just in trance state. I had high expectations about women and generally sex and yes beer. On August 3 I kissed a girl, drank my first beer and got up close to a random girl. On August 5th I fucked a girl for first time. It might shock you and yes it did shock the girls I met, that I was a virgin by choice of course.

And losing that one major thing hasn't changed anything in life. I am still the same guy although I have some experience under the belt. At first I was dying to come on Totseans and just share everything but then I changed my mind. You see when you remove all the hype surrounding sex and the women you fuck, things don't really feel that great. I mean I love the endless fucking but at the same time I hate the lack of connection.

Since day one I have always been excited about the possibility of finding that one girl, the girl you fall in love with and go crazy for but as luck would have it, my self conditioning has ruined me up to a point where I just stay in limbo, it's really hard for me to like a girl. The girls here are cute, sexy and bold but they're also flat, hard to talk to and yes they're interested in money.

I had some real connection, especially with the girl I lost my cherry too and it was fun but then on the girls just weren't that interesting. I mean to be honest it's hard to cum when you're fucking them, it really is. Especially when they ask for money which isn't a big deal because they're poor and need help but that one aspect just fucks up everything in my head and when you try to explain that, the girls just don't get it.

I have been with my buddy and he is great with girls, I mean they're pick up artists and have been helping me from day one to learn how to seduce women. Unfortunately for me, people are racist towards my race. I a usually compared with a Malaysian or Indian which is fucking stupid but that also makes my job harder. To them I am an alien, I haven't seen one dude in my area from Pakistan.

Also, I do suck at picking up girls since I have to dumb down everything, I am awesome at picking up girls on the Internet because I can type and be funny, when the girl you're talking to can't understand any of your references you get fucked. My friend has told me billions of time, dude they don't understand, you need to dumb it fucking down to their level.

But add that other reasons you can picture how hard it would be for me to be excited. But that's not their fault, it's just my conditioning. Which I am actually working on fixing.

Change of Tactics:
I am usually working and my time outside is limited to only nights and the girls here are hot well some of them to be honest but hooking up with them is ever harder. I tried the bar approach, you get humped, you get the number and you hope she is into fucking you without getting paid. That approach doesn't work for me.

So, now I am hitting on random girls who actually work in shops or aren't working in bars. I got 9 leads using this approach and possible hook ups. My friend says in Angeles City you're in GOD mode, you cannot fail in getting fucked, which is good because I have a lot to learn in a short span of time.

But I am in good company, I do miss my family some times but compared to get laid, eating pork, and getting naked messages with a happy ending at the end and yes getting drunk, I don't miss them that much :D.

Life is great for once, I see a possible future outside of Pakistan for once. Just need to find the real me and get down and dirty :D.

Also, I love you guys <3 nohomo


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