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Deathgasm ( Review )

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This movie is basically about a couple of teenage metal heads who recite music from ancient sheet music. In doing so they summon a demon who's only intent is to wreak havoc upon the world by consuming as many souls it can lay its sticky telons on.

Yadi, yadi! The story line is as stereotypical as a hotdog at a baseball game and the movie itself is sometimes about as cheesy as a hobos penis dipped in fondue then wrapped in a stuffed cheese crust. And to bind it together, they simply added bogan influenced metal head overtones, which was quite common in nz and australian culture of days gone by.

Normally I try to avoid movies in this type of catergory like the plauge because I'm not really a big fan of that bogan metal type culture shit. I think the reason I watched it was because I felt a little patriotically obligated. (Don't get me wrong though, "only a little.") You know! Support nz on air by watching pirated nz rips online. (Yeah...Great support BK!)

To be honest it surprised me, I actually found this movie quite entertaining. Sure it's based on a theme that normally makes me rage, but the humour and gore kinda redeemed it. I love, love, love (nohomo) a peter jackson movie called braindead (and still do.) This movie is kinda on a just slightly milder version of that path. That twisted, demented kiwi humour that made braindead is also noticable in deathgasm which is probably why I watched it through.

Overall deathgasm is not the movie of the year nor does it have any oscar winning performance moments, but it does have the lulz and the over use of blood make it even funnier. It's a fun ride, what more can I say? Define fun BK? Fighting demons with double ended dildos and anal beads has to be about as fun as it gets, right? I personally feel it's worth at least a one time watch. Watching it could possibly be the solution to depression besides suicide. It'll turn that frwn upside down.

If I were to rate it, I would give it a 7 /10 which is close enough to Imb's rating ...... Prove us wrong!



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