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DaktologistDaktologist Global Moderator
So I got this email the other day


Turns out the entire country that has access to fiber is getting Gigabit speeds now. Its pretty fast but to be honest, it doesn't make things that much faster. I haven't noticed any difference in web surfing speeds going from being on the 30 Mbps plan to a 200 Mbps plan and certainly no change now and torrents for me tend to max out at 100 Mbps. Streaming speeds are pretty fast but since I don't have a 4K display, I'm not sure what difference if any there was between 200 Mbps and 1 Gbps. For a free upgrade, i'm not complaining. My ISP believes that typical speeds should be around 600/480 Mbps due to technical limitations but the highest I have seen is 950/570 which I find dependent on time of day since bandwidth is shared between around 30 other customers per node. And to think most of us started on dialup...


  • On 100mbps. Honestly, life is good and I do recall the dial up Totse days, now if only I had 4K display :(.
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    sweet. You're only as fast as the other end. I get 100/50 on fibre. It's pretty good.

    In some ways the increase sucks, ISPs tend to over subscribe their capacity - 11 people might be getting 100M on a 1G backhaul.
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    I imagine the backhaul here is loaded up to the max as most people are on fibre in my neighborhood now and most providers plans start in the 100/200 mbps range, that and international bandwidth here in NZ is pretty shitty. Maybe once they complete the new submarine cables to the US and Sydney things might get better. Then again, you still have to contest with the fact that most of the internet is still quite slow compared to what some providers offer their customers.

    Strangely enough, its the local power companies that are building and operating the fibre networks in many parts of NZ now. I guess they have the infrastructure in place already like utility poles that they can string cables from and our local telcos are fucking hopeless here. If they had their way, we would still be relying on copper.
  • I did another speed test and my speed connecting to International websites is shit lol. So the pipe is good only for local access.
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