Looking to get a Sugar DaddY?

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We matched on tinder, she had a simple request. She needed a sugar daddy that will take care of her and in return she will let him fuck her. In other words a long term escort but exclusive to you.

Now, this doesn't seem like a bad idea, they're some decent pros and cons. The biggest is the guy gets to fuck a hot girl way below her age, the cons, well the society is going to judge you.

But if you're the type that doesn't give a fuck then follow my simple guide to get yourself a decent girl.

1) Use Tinder (Follow the Tinder guide)
2) Talk to the girl and pitch that you're looking for a sugar daddy type of thing
3) Fuck her ans see if she is worth it. Give her some money.
4) Arrange another meeting and keep her for the whole day and keep making her do things for you, it helps to test what is willing to do or not.
5) Finally decide if she is worth the price, also this the time where you can discuss the budget.

Go with the lowest bid and if she says no, well you had your fun anyway. Rinse and repeat.


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