How do you guys deal with born-again christians?

StaplesStaples Regular
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seriously, and yeah, we all try to avoid them.. I would rather be in a confrontation with an islam extremist.


  • MayberryMayberry Regular
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  • Dumpster SlutDumpster Slut Acolyte
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    i ignore them ?
  • Pill PopperPill Popper Regular
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    I have the wife answer the door topless and they scatter
    they usaually call her a sinner but it is amusing

    this really works well with jw's
  • MegaKushMegaKush Regular
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    go along with what they say, provoking them to preach their most extreme beliefs, and repeat the conversation to your friends for lolz later. My old boss was pretty hardcore, she thought all Muslims beat their wives and killed people. I told this to my Muslim friend, who is the most responsible and moral person i know. Lulz ensued when he started dissing Christianity while we smoked a bowl. Cannabis grows in the wild in many middle eastern countries, alot more Muslims smoke than Christians. Ill have to admit it is wierd though when they start praying in Farsi in the middle of a session
  • Hammer TankHammer Tank Regular
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    teach them that we are all one, and ager is fear announced
  • Oink The PigOink The Pig Acolyte
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    always had it as a policy to shoot any zombies i encounter, no matter what religion they claim to follow
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