Anybody here writing/written a book?

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When I'm in Russia I'm going to start writing a Skins-esque tale about English teachers abroad.

Was wondering if there was anybody else out there, seriously writing a book, who'd want to proofread eachother's work and give a bit of motivation.

I have the muse, notes and inspiration, but putting it altogether is going to be a killer for me; having a seriously short attention span. Would be nice to know there's someone else I could speak to, who's in the same boat.


  • weathersweathers Regular
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    I can proofread for you at times if needs be. It won't be at the top of my to do list (sorry to be a dick :p) but this is pretty much what I do for a living. Or was. It's a long story.
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    I've tried so hard to write at least one full novel, but I always lose motivation. The plots I created were pretty interesting too, ranging from a stream-of-consciousness style novel from the perspective of a genius prostitute, to a multi-strand narrative focusing on the life of three ex-high school best friends, with one becoming a cop, one ending up as a househusband, and the other becoming a criminal. Fuck, I think I'll always just prefer reading to writing.
  • GallowsGallows Regular
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    I've written a novel, a children's book, and a slew of short stories. I'm currently in the process of finding an agent for each of them. I'd be happy to proofread for you, if you are interested. Have you had anything published before?
  • weathersweathers Regular
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    Gallows wrote: »
    I'm currently in the process of finding an agent for each of them.

    I'm sure you already know, but just in case you don't.
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    I've got a bunch of novels idea I only got about ten pages into, and a few short stories. The furthest I ever got into a novel is 50 pages. I'm currently working on one and am about 20 pages into it so far.

    I also have a short attention span and have trouble finishing stuff :(.... perhaps we can help eachother
  • jarkofjarkof Regular
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    This is actually my dream. For real. Im not just being a sarcastic douche like I usually am. I am dead set on writing a book in the near near future. Im not sure what im going to write about and I dont know how long its going to take but i am going to do it.
  • ImaginariumImaginarium Regular
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    Yes and yes.
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    I've written poetry and like to compose aphorisms when they spring to mind but my true intention is to work some sort of taxonomic text.
  • TruthWielderTruthWielder Regular
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    In the process of writing a fantasy epic.

    Sort of in the storyboard stage out the moment...figuring things out making it perfect. I've written parts here and there...characters, concepts, places, interactions...

    One day it will be great.
  • Joel CradleJoel Cradle Semo-Regulars
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    I have written more crappy short stories than I can care to count. Currently trying to write some articles to see if I can nail down my style and get back into the swing of writing.

    I've even submitted a few to be published.
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