Ariel Footage of Ardoyne Riot - 12th of July 2010.

KundaLiniKundaLini Regular
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  • MegalodonMegalodon Regular
    edited July 2010
    *ominous wind in the video*

    the goblins have invaded

    seriously, this is insane. Reminds me of that video of those dogs attacking that cop car and just ripping it up lol
  • KundaLiniKundaLini Regular
    edited July 2010
    Yea, they just went to war.
  • RolfRolf Regular
    edited July 2010
    *sigh* Rolf knows these fools be Irish, therefore severely lacking in military strategy, but even they should know that it takes at least several volleys followed by a heavy cavalry charge to break a disciplined Skjaldborg, states Rolf, breaker of Shieldwalls.
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