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UFC 118: James Toney vs Randy Couture

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So the boxing legend Toney and the MMA legend Couture will be facing off in the octagon in a couple of months. Who do you think will win?

Randy has been getting slower and his chin is arguably not what it used to be. Is Toney fast enough to take advantage? We will see, but I think Toney will not have the experience to keep from getting put on the ground. It's gonna be hard to knock out Randy before then.


  • duuudeduuude Regular
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    I think Couture will win because of the experience.. but I wouldn't put anything past Toney, he's a badass boxer and could probably do some serious damage standing or in the clinch
  • duuudeduuude Regular
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    I guess all the MMA fans are still at Zoklet :o:o
  • AzureAzure Acolyte
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    Couture is going to press him against the fence for an easy UD. Did you see his fight against Brock? Come on now, he's going to walk through Toney, who only has a punchers chance at best. I'd love to see Couture get a TKO, a full out KO seems a little far fetched.
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