Speed Grapher

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This was a pretty cool/weird show that I enjoyed. I like short a short running series of anything because it has an end. This has 24 episodes. The main character blows shit up with his camera.

Speed Grapher



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    I heard it was good but i never looked into it, i just might though
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    I saw this classic some years back... definitely interesting. I enjoyed its mature themes and story.

    It centers around a secret club where you can pay to do anything to people (like in Hostel) but note this was released before Hostel.

    People can also pay for super powers which are rooted from their personality. Only certain people have the ability to gain them (if I recall correctly).

    The main character infiltrates the club to get a scoop but ends up obtaining a power to explode anything he views through a camera.

    Then the rest of the series is him trying to take it down with his powers vs. others with crazy powers.
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