Off to France

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See you all later, so au revouir! Fuck that. I dont even speak a word of that gutteral vomit inducing language. Hopefully I won't end up like the girls in this film.

I don't even know who I am staying with, but I will write all about the lulzy parts for you all upon my return.


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    cool beanz
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    I thought Taken was atleast 5 years old. Cool movie.
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    See ya brah!
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    This place is rather weird. I can say this as I am largely unknown IRL to people I am with so they can't see me on their network and see I am typing this blah blah.

    In short, I am staying in a place called Radingham with a Dutch guy, his Argentinian wife, her sister and her sister's boyfriend...oh and the Dutch guy had a daughter with his wife. I am surrounded by Spanish speaking people, and the only things I know in Spanish are from Cypress Hill my only company is the TV and the Doberman dogs who dribble all over me.

    Anyway, I went for a walk this morning as I needed to escape this place (it's a half build barn and I am living in a caravan, shitting in a bucket and sleeping in a 5ft bed) and almost got lost. It's also at that point that I wish I smuggled some weed with me, as I found a perfect hill wher I sat and read a chapter of "The Running Man" and listened to some tunes. Still, here are some picz0rs

    Calais ahoy! The amount of shit I used to smuggle back through this port was ridiculous. Because of the notoriety of the guy I am living with and going back with, I can't do it this time :(

    Where I am currently sitting, taken just above my head, behind me.

    Doberman pups. Fucking cute! Their mum just killed a chicken so that's tonights dinner.

    My "bedroom"....bags and shit are just out of sight. It's cosy.

    Random road I got lost going down...even though this place is a circle

    Nice graffiti in a bus shelter. Makes a change from the shit back in England. "JACK WOZ 'ERE" and "KIM N BLAKE 4EVA N EVA". This has lead me to believe there are some cute girls around who I may have to take advantage of...and they can't say no...BECAUSE I DIN'T SPEAK FRENCH! MWUHAHAHA

    Another pretty sweet view.

    Moar to come. I am here until Saturday night.

    I wrote this on my blog, too. Makes for some interesting thoughts.
    Well, after going for a wander round the local “commune” I realised a few things, some in the favour of France, others in the favour of my annoying homelander, the English.

    Difference #1
    The English are too proud. Face it, you walk round and people care too much about how their front lawn looks, or the huge argument against wind turbines being built on a hill as it would “spoil the view and kill the birds”. I look round here in France, and I see people living how they want to. Cars which are years old, things aren’t quite perfect, and wind turbines creating energy for a country that has decided to move on and accept the changes needed to survive in this ever-changing, cruel world.

    Difference #2
    The English don’t shit where they sleep.
    I currently have to go to the toilet in a fucking bucket, and then after 3 people fill it, we have to empty it into a hole in the ground. The same can be said for the shower, rather than filling a bucket, you empty it – over yourself.
    The streets here stink of piss and rivers run with brown matter that only makes you wonder what it was a few days before.
    French hygiene leaves a lot to be desired.

    Well, even the papers agree...and I don't usually agree with them

    Right, I currently have to move a car out of a barn so I can build some Doberman prison..I mean kennels there. Chances are I will be ripped to shreds as 3 of my 6 shirts have already been covered in drool, piss, food and other shite from these creatures. By Friday I will probably be wearing nothing.

    Also by then, I had better find some villagers who speak English. That said, it is strangely enjoyable here.

    I actually quite like it. I can't complain as I have not paid a penny for anything and it is certainly an experience. If you want to learn how the Europeans live, then you may as well go in at the deep end.
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    I visited to France... they were all assholes. Seriously, no joke. People say Americans are arrogant... look at the French go to their culture. Mother fuckers, terrible people although the cities were beautiful!
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    Yeah today I was at the market and I conversed in basic French, but got some snobby, up-nosed responses.

    The only thing that spoils France is the French
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