Life Insurance

CaesarCaesar Regular
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On the rare occasions I bother to watch TV, I notice the add's are full of fucking life insurance pitches. One I just noticed was riffing off about how you should insure your asset's like your car, home and business; and it closes with "how about your most important asset; your life".

Am I the only one who finds the seemingly constant barrage of Life Insurance add's depressing as fuck? I can't think of many things more demeaning than having to pay for your own funeral in weekly $5 instalments until you finally die.


  • HTS-NoobHTS-Noob Regular
    edited July 2010
    I won't be paying for my funeral. If I have a family, they can do it.

    Failing that (most likely), the state will handle having me cremated and dumped in a landfill.

    I'm going to die cold and alone.
  • fanglekaifanglekai Regular
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    If you are buried within 24 hours you don't need to be embalmed or anything, so the funeral would be cheap as shit. I plan on saving up $10k for a huge ass party in my honor when I'm dead. Fuck a boring ass funeral. I want to have kegs. I want people to celebrate life on my dollar.
  • iSoapeiSoape Regular
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    When I die, I just want to be buried under a redwood tree or something. I'm not buying life insurance. That's just stupid.
  • SilosighbinSilosighbin Regular
    edited July 2010
    I fucking despise those adds. I always :facepalm: at the acting in them though. Lrn2Hire real actors.
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