D&D Spells

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I was thinking about D&D while having a conversation with my brother, we were talking about how it might be a good idea to get a nymph cloak to get the +2 to charisma when he suggested I cast Eagle's Splendor as well.

At this point he asked "can you cast Eagle's Splendor?"

I'm not sure how much he knows of my activities, but at the least it made me ask myself this question. It's something that I'd never considered before, but it seems like it might be viable to charge certain spells in a way roughly similar to that of the D&D universe... that is, to have a certain amount of available spells and a ritual for charging them for near-instantaneous use (within 2 or 3 turns) at a later date.

I'm looking for any ideas you care to throw at this. I find it kind of amusing that I've never considered this before. I'm going to continue thinking about ways to realistically implement this, obviously there are things that don't exist in the world of D&D that do exist in this version of reality, but I'm not looking at it as a dominant paradigm, just a pretty fun one. If nothing else, post a spell from D&D that you wish you could cast.



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