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"Drugalyser" to be introduced in UK

VickyVicky Regular
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Bad enough that they can test us for drink driving, but not they'll soon be able to catch us out if we've had a sly spliff!


This drug test provides on-site results for 6 drug groups including:

* Heroin
* Cannabis
* Ecstasy
* Amphetamines (speed, crystal meths)
* Cocaine (Crack)
* Benzodiazipines

Drugalyser® Technical Data (can detect the following and more)

AmphetaminesAmp50 ng/mlUp to 72 hrs
MethamphetaminesMET50 ng/mlUp to 72 hrs
CocaineCOC20 ng/mlUp to 24 hrs
OpiatesOPI40 ng/mlUp to 2-3 days
*Marijuana /CannabisTHC-9 COOH12ng/ml Up to 14 hrs

This is fucking bullshit. :mad:


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