Man accidentally kills wedding guests with AK-47

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In Ankara, Turkey a groom named Tevfik Altin lost control of a weapon during his wedding. The result of the loss of control was the death of 3 guests.

The story goes that the groom was given an AK-47 after the vows were said. He was firing the AK-47 into the air when he lost control of the weapon and aimed it at guests. The groom killed his father, 60, and two aunts, 19 and 55. Eight other relatives were injured during the Sunday celebration in a little village of Akcagoze, Gaziantep. Several children from ages 10 to 16 were also injured.

Police arrested the groom and the cousin who gave him the weapon.

Thats some funny shit. A dumbass like that should never have been near a firearm:facepalm:


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