'Let Creativity Spew Forth' - Post Your Spontaneous Poem

SkittlesSkittles Regular
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Let Creativity Spew Fourth

Through coloured veins,
and signs of depression.
In times of need,
And in times of succession.
Under whittled trees,
in cherry blossom hill.
Lies an old man,
collecting his fill.
Green carpets of cake icing,
illuminate the sky.
They seep down,
and collect in my eye.
To the south and to the east,
are cattle that combust.
With heavy hooves,
and tails not to trust.
Though underground,
and undermining.
The under graduates,
are underlining.
So rest now,
you and your purposeless rhyme.
This shit is too long,
sit back and recline.
The start of a new era,
creativity gagging.
Spew on the floor,
mother is nagging.
Over to you,
look to the north.
Post your spontaneous poem,
an let creativity spew forth.


  • MayberryMayberry Regular
    edited September 2010
    Through shattered glass
    we met
    face to face
    eye to eye
    lip to lip

    Her sadness overwhelmed me
    I tasted each tear

    Many mornings ago
    Two birds sang

    By the hand of lust
    They were snuffed

    Our world
    is our own creation
    Nobody to blame
    but you
  • PigPig Regular
    edited September 2010
    I see words envisioned from a machine
    One of creation, one of dreams
    An engine of art, such a contrast!
    An industrial automaton spewing forth smoke and ash and soot
    And from this cloud comes beauty

    Mass-produced, made in China, may contain small parts not suitable for young children -- beauty.
  • SkittlesSkittles Regular
    edited September 2010





    It makes the world go round.
  • edited September 2010
    (I smack my head on the table a few times)
    a few times more
    there it is
    the light
    little wordy gremlin
    a line about a line
    an epitaph
    the annoying neighbour of conciousness
  • MarijuanasaurusMarijuanasaurus Regular
    edited September 2010
    A poem aint a poem without a rhyme
    and a rhyme aint a rhyme if it aint got time
    and aint aint a word but I say its fine
    cuz writing is a creative and ah shit i gotta poop
  • edited September 2010
    Right about now, I'm reading this thread
    Colors of teal and white, spew forth in uncontrollability
    But to be honest, it's hurting my head
    Because the hangover I have this morning, will surely be the death of me.
  • SkittlesSkittles Regular
    edited November 2010
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    Its beautiful.
  • fanglekaifanglekai Regular
    edited November 2010
    brandon vs George Bush Jr.

    ok wel i see u nao and own u b****
    i sik my liserds on u they
    suk your d***
    mai cat pwns ur face
    ur a disgrace
    lyke 13 yr old girls
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    i drink spase wine
    ur never on time
    ur rap is wak
    and u cant attack
    the country of irak
    thas y u took so much flak!!!!
    i smok under bridges
    u eat cracker wedges
    rich but dum you're number one
    president that's dum!!!!!
  • CaesarCaesar Regular
    edited January 2011
    Pinprick eyes pricked pins in the canvas of the miasma of the textual sputum spluttered across LED vision
    Silly sycophant slaves assfucking their own petty orifice digging for a sadomasichistic appeasment to their hidious soulds
    Devils stealing spirit through corrupt intention and selling it back at 3 and a quater compound interest
    Time traded for paper jubilations one minute at a time frozen is orgasmic eternity until oblivion sucks it all up
    Transvestite whores raping chaste transexuals with 10 inch cucumbers garnished with some tasty caesar salad dressing
    Fuck Pit Luck Fit in the Fuck pit in the prick lint in the shit sink in the cunt licking finger twitching fanny itching antihystamine craving austentatious bullshit dichotemy with dart defined dictionary games

    FUCK FUCK I am so FUGGING high that I must away to nod land you cunt raping degenerate shit fuck piss heADs.

  • StephenPBarrettStephenPBarrett Adviser
    edited January 2011
    I haven't slept in days
    Time has become a blur
    I take another swig
    This shit is supposed to give me wings
    Instead it gives me jitters
    A sickly sweetness
    Thickly coating my stomach
    When I go to barf
    It looks like Taylor Swift's teeth
  • VizierVizier Regular
    edited January 2011
    Calamity setting in
    Eons have I tried to stop this scourge
    A cleansing, a solid purge;
    Rumbling echoes from within

    As time goes by
    And I've studied part by part
    There's nothing to do but sigh
    and rip out this huge fart
  • MarijuanasaurusMarijuanasaurus Regular
    edited January 2011
    deep in the bowels of my large intestine
    lies the sickly feeling of indigestion
    i tighten my sphincter to hold the contraction
    but alas its too late, its time for action
    rushing to the toilet, i do the penguin walk
    in hopes i dont drip or let a turd drop
    slam the door shut, its no time for paper
    rip my shorts off, im going into labor
    the first poo hits the water with great velocity
    a dribble from my dick lets me know i have to pee
    but thats not all, i can feel my food coming up
    lean over to the tub and i begin to throw up
    the last turds come out, link by link
    fuck me in the ass, thats the last time i drink
  • VizierVizier Regular
    edited January 2011
    Delirious, stupified and in great pain
    "Godamnit!" I scream,
    "I think I've got an asshole sprain"
    Sweating, seething and dizzy
    I'm so terrified to look in the bowl
    The horrible concoction that's probably fizzy
    Dread fills my soul
    With despair and rage, like a hellish hound
    I ask to myself
    "Will it flush down"?
  • StephenPBarrettStephenPBarrett Adviser
    edited January 2011
    One on my flank and one on my rear
    I need to go faster but this thing has no gears
    Another one down and another one out
    Its steady aim fire in this dogfight roundabout
    I watch a comrade fall, death takes its toll
    Then Peppy yells to me "Do a barrel roll!"
  • VizierVizier Regular
    edited January 2011
    "Why hello", murmurs that strange fellow
    "Oh hi..." she responds
    His grimmace was fixed; his eyes, green Donatello
    "What do you want, mister?"
    "Nothing much, just come with me..."
    She saw he was something sinister
    Worse than playing naked twister...
    "Don't worry, it won't hurt"
    "Stop it! I'll call my daddy, he's an army trooper!"
    "Calm down, in pleasure I'll make you squirt,
    just relax and spread out your pooper!"
  • CaesarCaesar Regular
    edited February 2011
    Jazz weaves softly through my mind
    Eyes gaze vacantly at a blood sucking mosquito
    Sunlight diffuses fractals through thin reality dividers
    Gray flesh quivers with pleasure at dopamine caress
    Infinite compassion for pains extends through both past and future
    Blinkered lids shade my eyes
    But I don't mind

    Soft, caressing breeze puckers my skin into goosebumps
    Touching and tickling the sensory surface of my being
    Funny distortions dance in the corners of the tunnel of my sight
    And telepathic tantric union copulates waltzing flirtation into my ear drums
    And through my brain
    I'm feeling good and I'm feeling fine
    If only I wasn't so short on time
  • ScuDScuD Regular
    edited February 2011
    im finding useless words to give paramount. any amount at any cost.
    she's the cold touch, and i tell my self if this was summer i would miss the frost.
    4 am but this life is timeless, unemployed clockless
    i wont be ruled by the law thats lawless
    they said that we couldn't be schooled, but we just wouldn't be ruled.
    im looking for a juice to keep my fire fueled.
    you think im homeless, but i just wont ever be fooled.
  • StephenPBarrettStephenPBarrett Adviser
    edited March 2011
    Trickle trickle, the money comes in
    Another day, another dollar another insomniac's end
    Booze, sex, smoke, till I'm too tired to see
    Then its getting ready for work just after 3
    "Do this, do that" and I always comply
    As I wait anxiously for the next paycheck to arrive
    I realize now all about the rat race
    How there is not a finish line and I'll never get first place
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